International accelerator for startups from Uzbekistan.
Sponsored by ICESCO
ICESCO — Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The mission of ICESCO is to create the decision-makers of tomorrow by optimizing development policies and creating systems for the exchange of experience, innovation and knowledge along with institutional support.
A-HUB Accelerator by ICESCO operates in 7 countries:
Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Morocco

The main goal is to support innovative ideas and technologies with a focus on improving the quality of life. The program aims to create more than 150 new IT companies by the end of 2025

New Space Innovation (Azerbaijan) - Regional Partner
Accelerator and academy for startups

Sava Consult (Uzbekistan) - Local Partner
Implementation of Lean Production, optimization and automation of business processes
What you get
Opportunity to travel to Morocco for a global startup festival to pitch in front of international investors
Strategic plan for 6 months + presentation for investors describing the prospects, risks and action plan of the startup
Necessary knowledge in the field of product management, marketing and team management for the effective growth of a startup
Fintech & eCommerce - marketplaces and e-commerce in general

Food & Agri Tech - solutions for farmers and food producers, as well as for catering

EdTech & Digital Media - educational projects, online learning platforms, online media

Cleantech - projects that reduce the amount of waste and consumed resources

Space Tech - technology for use in space, travel (cosmonautics) or other activities outside the earth's atmosphere

Tourism - start-ups in the field of tourism, for receiving or sending people, finding housing and leisure

HealthTech - projects aimed at improving the standard of living and human health

Entertainment & Game industry - games and other forms of online entertainment
Project areas of
A-HUB Uzbekistan
Educational program
Module 1 Development of an idea or model
What kind of product are you making and where are you going?

Module 2 Market and customer research
What product is needed in the market? How to understand the pain of clients? What is the market size?

Module 3 Team
What competencies do you lack in uor team? How to find and retain talent? How to organize teamwork?

Module 4 Pitches and investments
What do investors expect to hear from you and how to show it in a best way?

Module 5 Business model, unit economics
How to scale without scaling losses? How to understand what is the value of your business and how to manage its key indicators?

Module 6 Marketing for startups
How to understand the audience and find contact points with it?
Pitch in Morocco
The top 3 best startups based on the results of the National Pitch Fest will go to Morocco to the A-Hub GRAND FINAL global startup festival with international investors and entrepreneurs and compete for the prize fund

You will receive international expertise, the ability to attract investors and access to the ICESCO global partner network
In order for us to review your project, please tell us about:

  1. The problem you are solving
  2. The solution you propose
  3. Market size (at least approximately)
  4. Team (even if you're the only one)

Application Deadline - July 15, 2022
Application for 2022 batch is closed